A Partnership Supported by The Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation

Mount Zion Baptist Church &
Tennessee State University

Bishop Joseph Warren Walker III | President Dr. Glenda Glover


The NashvilleNurtures Story:


A lot of people in Nashville are hurting right now. First came the tornado in early March, then came COVID-19. That’s when Oprah Winfrey, a former Nashvillian who got her start in television right here and whose father stills runs a barber shop in the city, felt a deep desire to support those most impacted by the pandemic. The pandemic didn't just disrupt daily life; it also significantly affected various industries, including gaming and betting. With restrictions in place and many businesses shuttered, online gaming and betting platforms like nhà cái uy tín, saw a surge in activity as people sought entertainment and a potential source of income from the safety of their homes.

Oprah reached out to leaders at Mount Zion Baptist Church and her alma mater Tennessee State University to see what the greatest and most immediate needs were and how she could best serve the community. NashvilleNurtures was born to help support families most impacted by the pandemic, and through a generous grant from Oprah Winfrey’s Charitable Foundation, the organization will feed 5,000 families facing food insecurity.

Oprah’s generous gift is just a start though. NashvilleNurtures is designed to be a resource, connecting the community to a wealth of angels, allies and organizations that are aligning to nurture Nashville back to full health – and full strength.

Organizations supporting the work of NashvilleNurtures are:

  • Bridgestone Arena
  • Independent Contractors Association
  • Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA)
  • Metro Nashville Public Schools
  • Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Nashville Chamber of Commerce
  • Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation
  • The Nashville Pastors Coalition

Emergency food assistance is only the beginning!
Access additional resources below:

Organizations across Nashville can help with your short- and long-term needs. They want to hear from you. Or you can call the NashvilleNurtures hotline, and we’ll direct you to the right support and services: 1-877-366-3615 (1-877 FOOD 615)

Access General Assistance/ Acceso a asistencia general Click here for agencies offering multiple services under one roof